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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Songs Leaked ... Coming Soon!!

Valentine's Day release date anyone?? I'm thinking our chances are pretty good and that will be #1 on my wishlist (just the same, don't forget the flowers habibi ... easy on the chocolate!!)


Four Songs Leaked

As consistently, before the official release of Amr Diab’s new album some of the songs got leaked. Four songs are already out, “ Lama Abeltak” , “Makontish Nawi”, “Teebt” and “Illa Habibi”. But it’s not definite yet whether these songs will be included in the new album, and actually we hope they won’t! Since the songs are surprisingly bad if we exclude only “Makontish Radi” which is fairly adequate.

The audience may be expecting more from Amr Diab since he’s an important and experienced artist, and those songs certainly doesn’t fulfill our hopes of foreseeing a great album from Amr.

The official release of the album is expected to be on 14th of February, followed by a big campaign from Rotana. Worth mentioning, this is Amr’s fourth album produced by the mentioned music production company. Link


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But i really really like "Lama Abeltak". I'm trying now to figure out the words. But i like the other three songs, too. The songs are more romantic, softer, they make you fell blue. I really like them and hope he will include them, too. Thanks for keeping us up to date. By the way, I know that AMR has three biographies published. Does anyone know where can I buy them?

1:59 pm  

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