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Friday, November 04, 2011

Amr Diab Gets Paid 150,000 Dollars for his AUC Adha Concert

Amr Diab is doing some really intensive rehearsals and preparations for his first concert in Egypt after his tour in America and Canada, and also after releasing his album “Banadeek Ta’ala”.

The concert will be held at the American University in Cairo, the second day of Adha. Amr wanted the concert to be restricted to the students only and thus insisted that the number of tickets which are put up for sale does not exceed 3,000 tickets.

He also made a competition for his fans in order to be able to win free tickets. And how much is he charging for this concert?! Well, it’s 150,000 dollars, and believe it or not, this is a very low fee that Amr has receibed in years, considering the financial crisis Egypt is facing.
The company which is sponsoring the concert agreed to Amr’s fee provided that the concert footage will be sold to a couple of channels. Link


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