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Friday, December 28, 2012

2012-12-21 Pathfinder Concert in Cairo

Egyptian singer Amr Diab held a successful concert at the Hokey (sic) Stadium in Cairo on Friday 21st of December. Having no fears about the end of the world, the singer attracted huge presence from his fans. The concert sponsored by QNet investments lasted for over two hours.

Diab performed his hit songs including new ones that are still to be officially released; "Matlomneesh" (Don't blame Me), "Away mafeesh Mennak"(Yes! None is Like You), "Dawam El Hal" (Ongoing State), "Yalli Hekayty Maak Hekayat" (Our Story makes Many).

Amr's fans demanded 12 songs in his upcoming album instead of 10 and Amr stated he is currently selecting ten out of twenty recorded new songs! Amr Diab sported a new look with long hair and a hair band


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