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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pre-November roundup and Happy Halloween

Shuft al Ayam, which was purportedly to have been released on September 20th, started to leak (Jana) on September 09, was available on the internet by September 11, and officially released by Rotana on September 13. Four days later it was the top-selling album on iTunes.

One month later, Mr Diab celebrated his 53rd birthday and in between (October 2) appeared in concert at the Port Cairo Mall.

And in the "spirit" of Halloween, a "holyday" creeping around the world ... check out the pictured costume imagined by the Al-Bawaba writers who parodied 11 of our favourite celebs.


Sneak peak into the penultimate month of 2014 - think 22, think what to wear to a grand ballroom affair.


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