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Friday, October 28, 2005

Feast Albums by Al Saher, Al Rumi and Tawfiq

And here we go ... a contradiction to the contradition of a few days ago. Who do you believe?

Cairo – Despite the fact that only a few remain before Eid Al Fitr, there is a state of vagueness surrounding the market of Arab cassettes, awaiting what these days would end up to, in specifying the names of the singers, who decided to issue their new albums and those who preferred to postpone them until the coming Christmas or Eid Al Adha.

The German news DBA has observed the albums that have been decided to be introduced during the feast and found out that Egyptian singers are almost absent from the season, especially as most of them prefer the summer and Eid Al Adha seasons.

The first singer who decided to issue his album is the Iraqi singer Kazem Al Saher, who concealed the details of the album and did not tell any of his close contacts of even its title ... Eid Al Fitr shall witness the issue of a new album by the Lebanese singer Majda Al Roumi ... The Lebanese Waleed Tawfiq announced the issue of his new album 'Teir Sagheer" ... The fourth Album that would certainly be issued has been recorded by the singer Jannat, which is her first album. The young singer has suddenly become popular due to her dispute with the singer Amr Diab on the ownership of a song with the title of 'Elli Beini We Beinak', which Jannat has selected as a title for her first album that includes 10 songs.

The Egyptian singer Shereen Wagdi is still working on finishing her new album ... despite the fact that the close companions to Shereen confirm that the album would be issued in the feast, she did not announce that yet.

As regards Amr Diab, he made up his mind on postponing the issue of his new album that has been severally postponed, which was supposed to be issued last August. Al Rai

Link to 29/10/2005 04:49:12 News from Al-Mendhar


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