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Friday, February 20, 2009

Language destined to be sung by angels

The last speaker of Arabic on Earth will probably be a tour guide, singing songs in the early morning air as he escorts tourists who have never heard his native tongue. He will tell them about the poetry of Mutannabi, the words of Umm Kulthum and the music of the Cairo khan and the Sana’a souq and they will smile and wonder how such a beautiful language could ever pass from the Earth ... Arabic may never die, but its relevance may fade ... Arabic – brace yourselves people of the Arab world – is not considered cool.

As popular as Nancy Ajram and Amr Diab are, there are not many non-Arabic speakers itching to understand their words ...Arabic sometimes seems like a language destined to be sung by angels or whispered by lovers, not to be the language of the boisterous street.

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Blogger sheriin said...

amr diab ur an amazing singer and ur new album is amazing keep it up <3 and we're all supportin' you

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