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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poster too "teenish"?

Amr Diab’s album poster harshly criticized

For the second straight time, Amr Diab’s new album poster, usually adapting the album cover, was under attack. The cover for Diab’s latest album, El Leila Di (Tonight), featured him topless, Diab was startled by the criticism at the time, citing the photographer Karim Nour as creative and audacious.

Wallpapers for the new album, Wayyah (With Her), were posted on the Egyptian leading pop singer’s official website. It depicts him tattooed on arm with an inscription of Abdallah, the name of his only son, in low rise jeans. Many of Diab’s fans think the low rise jeans is too teenish for their mature cult star.

The album track titles are as follows:

Wayyah : Lyricist Tamer Hussein, Composer Amr Mostafa
Addemt Albi : Ayman Bahgat Qamar Mostafa
Allah ala Hobbak Enta : Magdi Ennaggar Mostafa
: Khaled Tag Eddin, El Badri Kalbash
Ella Habibi : Abdel Meneim Taha, Diab
Helwa El Ayyam : Tag Eddin, Diab
Ah Mil Foraq : Bahaa Eddin Mohamed Diab
Yhemmak fi Eih : Qamar Mohamed Yehia
Eini wana Shayfo
: Mohamed Mostafa
Whyatik Khalliki : Taha Amr Tantawi
: Qamar Diab
Biedt Leih : Hani Abdel Karim Khaled Ezz



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