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Monday, April 20, 2009

No singing at the 24th wedding

The wedding will be aired on various satellite stations so you'll be able to see for yourself if Amr "keeps his mouth shut" (as it were).

The famous Lebanese artist Haifa Wahbe denied rumors that the famous Egyptian superstar Amr Diab will perform at her wedding. Haifa said that Diab will not attend her wedding party as a singer, but as a friend to her husband. Haifa will marry Egyptian businessman Ahmad Abu Hashima and the wedding ceremony will take place 24 April in Beirut. The couple will honeymoon in Capri.

2009-04-25 update. Not only did Amr not sing at this wedding, he did not even attend (reasons unexplained), the ceremony was not broadcast live (kuddos), however, the happy pair was married and are now honeymooning in Capri.


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