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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Summer scenario??

At the time when official news had appeared that Amr Diab's anticipated album would be released at the beginning of the coming month, more bad news surfaced over the past couple of days that could lead to the biggest gap between Amr Diab's albums ever!

According to Hossam Moustafa, one of the managers in Rotana, Amr Diab has decided to postpone the album once again to continue working on it and present the best to his fans around the world.

Amr is currently working with various writers and composers in the Middle East, such as Ayman Bahgat Amar, Khaled Tag El Deen, Tamer Hussien, and his lifetime friend Magdi El Nagar, and from the composers he has continued to work with is Amr Moustafa, who is expected to compose around five songs in the album.

It is also evident that Mohammad Yehia and Amr Diab have finally reconciled and Diab will include a new song from Yehia in his album named, "Yehemak Fe Eih".
Khaled Ezz is also one of the composers Amr has worked with on the album, he composed one of the leaked songs "Be3et Leih", and "Yama" which is expected to be in the album. Other songs expected to be in the album are "Allah 3ala Hobbak Enta", "Tamini", "Ah Men El Fora2", "Fakrenik", "Kollo Ella Habibi", "Zekrayat Eih" and "7abetak Alf Mara". Link


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