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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flashback. Easter still valid date for release?

"The four leaked songs are just primitive demos" These were the words of Amr Diab regarding the leak of four songs which are (Youm Ma Abeltak - Be`dt - Kollo Ella Habibi - Makontesh Nawy). He said: "I hope that my work is not judged according to demos as they are way different from the final state, especially that the final versions are 20 times better than the leaked ones." He also stated that the two songs "Youm Ma Abeltak" and "Ella Habibi" are absolutely different from the leaked versions, expecting that the song "Ella Habibi" is the biggest surprise in his new album.

Meanwhile, Diab has decided to start working on his new album once again, as he and the composer Amr Mostafa are working hard together to select new songs. Amr Mostafa said: "I spend 18 hours a day with Diab in his studio working on new songs for his album, and we`re still selecting them"

On another note, Rotana spokesman Hossam Mostafa said that it is illogic to think that Rotana was responsible for the leak of those songs simply because the "Digital Master" of the album was not handed by Amr Diab to Rotana yet.

Concerning the album release date, no specific release date was scheduled, but the album will undergo the mastering process within 15 days and it is expected to be released in March by Easter Festivals.


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