Two men who were near the place where the banners had been placed said the men who arrived in privately owned cars to destroy the posters had brought equipment to dismantle the banners and the metal poles that were holding them up! It gets better: these same men claim they approached the vandals who ran away but not before announcing that these banners should not be up when Amr Diab arrives for his concert in Marina!!!

Now I know it's easy to jump to conclusions that this was something set up by Amr BUT if it were you would think he would be clever enough to hire people to do the deed who wouldn't tell people he'd hired them! So here's my thinking:

a) Someone is trying to frame Amr Diab by asking these guys to purposely use his name... maybe Tamer himself?
b ) Amr Diab hired a bunch of men who had been hit on the head so many times they stupidly implicated him.
c) The vandals were a bunch of over-zealous Amr Diab fans who decided to take matters into their own hands and neither star has anything to do with it!

Which do you think is most probable?  LINK