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Saturday, February 19, 2011

He's back!

At the time Amr Diab came out to defend himself, denying his escape from Egypt with the start of the Egyptian revolution, our "Wikeez" correspondent in Cairo knew from sources in Cairo International Airport that Amr Diab had traveled to London on January 25 with his family and children, and came back on Monday.
As a result, Amr's fans and public considered that he let them down by escaping to London, and launched an aggressive campaign against him on Facebook: "Goodbye Amr Diab, you better stay home" and asked him to quit singing because he has lost his audience.

Note that Amr Diab has launched a pro-revolution song a week ago, dedicated to the the martyrs of January 25, entitled "Masr A'let", written by Magdy al-Najjar, composed by Amr Diab and arranged by Adel Haqi.

Link to story and clip


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