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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Live performance with lucky fans

As one of the Arab world’s most prolific singers, Amr Diab is also one of the most private. Yet the singer decided to engage with his fans through a YouTube competition that ended with a male and female winner from Morocco and Egypt. The winners, Moroccan Wafaei Chikki and Egyptian Mohanad Zoheir will sing live on stage with the pop legend at one of his upcoming concerts.

The competition was created as part of the Amr Diab YouTube Academy. Amr Diab created the academy to reach his fans through the internet. His YouTube channel currently has over 156,000 subscribers and over 63m video views.

The final 30 contestants were selected based on voting by the public and received workshops via Google+ with the jury. The panelists included notable music industry veterans such as composer/singer Hamid El-Shaery. After the top 30 were whittled down to 10 by the jury, Amr Diab selected the best five. Chikki and Zoheir were chosen as the winners by YouTube users in a public vote on Amr Diab’s channel.  Link to full article


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