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Friday, March 06, 2015

THE PLATEAU threatens lawsuit

Amr Diab is not a happy bunny.

The Egyptian superstar is reportedly furious with MBC TV after they broadcasted videos from his private life without taking his permission. The TV series "Ayyam Fi Hayat Al Hadaba" (The Life of Al Hadaba - Amr Diab) was not received well by Diab, after allegedly asking MBC not to air the show or use his personal videos without his consent.

But Diab's fans weren't sure why Amr would want to keep the show buried. News sources said that a joint project with Vodafone, where fans download an app that sends them never-seen-before pictures and videos of Diab's private life, might all go down the drain now that MBC's show is doing the same thing. The fact that MBC's show is on the air means that Diab's app - "Amro Diab's World" - might have to get cancelled. To make matters worse, Diab claims not have been paid a single penny for his private videos, making MBC the sole party benefiting from his "treasured" videos, which give an insight into Diab's early life and his journey to fame.

Diab announced on his official Facebook page that legal action will be taken against MBC if they don't take the illegal show off the air. Either way, Diab's fans were super excited by the first episode, as they got to see their idol recording in the studio, watching football and working out in the gym.

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