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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Zee Arabiya

Zee Network, India's largest vertically integrated media and entertainment group, today announced the launch of Zee Arabiya, a dynamic, unconventional new youth, music and lifestyle channel, which will cater to the region's 'international' yuppies and music lovers in English, Arabic, and other Asian multi-cultural programming mix.

The channel, the first of Zee's customised bouquets for the Arab region, will be telecast across 3 satellites, through Nilesat, Arabsat and NSS, in a free-to-air format from November 9 onwards. It is also available on the basic packages of E-Vision and Pehla platform ...

The boundaries of culture and music are interestingly blurring at a pace unknown in the past. There is a generation which we prefer to call the 'international yuppies', not limited by geographical location, that appreciate the context and the progression made by the genre known as world music. We are talking of people who equally appreciate Elissa, Mariam Faras, Googosh, Limp Bizkit, 50 Cents and Black Eyed Peas along with Pandit Ravi Shankar in the Woodstock milieu, Hisham Abbas, DJ Ravin, Beyonce, Robbie Williams, Shakira, Raghav, Amr Diab and Norah Jones - we will be catering to this growing segment with Zee Arabiya,' added Radhakrishnan. 'Zee Arabiya is expected to totally revolutionise the broadcasting industry in the region. The channel, uplinked through Samacom in Dubai will help Zee Arabiya reach nearly 55 million households across the region with the digital footprint covering the entire Middle East, North Africa, certain parts of lower Europe and Pakistan' said Ron Kapadia, Chief Operating Officer.

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