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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Amr Diab and Muna Zaki united

Egyptian pop star Amr Diab intends on returning to the big screen after a fifteen year absence, and will begin filming the new movie “Al Muhtarif” (The Expert), written by Dr. Midhat Al Adel. Amr has nominated actress Muna Zaki to star in the film that will be directed by Ahmad Nader Jalal. Amr has also agreed with screen writer Dr. Nabil Farouq to begin another film titled “Al Araaf” (The Predictor) and hopes to begin filming by the summer.

Although Amr’s acting plans are on hold until he releases his long awaited album “Kamil Kalamak” (Finish Your Words). The singer revealed that he reached an agreement with American director Cameron Casey to film a number of music videos for songs from the new album. This will mark Amr’s second cooperation with Cameron, who directed the singer’s clip “Laili Nahari” (My Night is Day).

Diab has admitted that he does not know when his upcoming album will be released, stressing that he needs to take as much time as possible to ensure that it is of the highest quality. The real problem he is facing with the album is the small details, which form the basis of any work’s success, Amr explained.

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